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Tian’anmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace): The symbol of new China, this gate was built in 1417 and renovated in 1981. It was originally called the Gate of Heavenly Succession. The late Chairman Mao proclaimed the founding of the People Republic of China on the rostrum on October lst, 1949. The gate has five passages, which were closed and used only on ceremonial occasions in the old days. The emperor alone was entitled to pass through the central passage. Before leaving on a journey he would make a sacrifice in front of the gate: At other times imperial edicts were down, in a gilded box shaped 1ike a phoenix, to officials kneeling blow. Hence the exprssion: “the Imperial Orders Given by the Gildi Poenix.” The edict was then taken to the Ministry of Rites who copies were made for dispatch to the whole country.

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