National FlagIn the center of the Tiananmen Square is the National Flagpole, made of 4 seamless steel tubes, 32.6 meters high, and 7 tons in weight, which will not get rusty for 20 years. Fluttering on the flagpole, is the bright and red national flag with, five yellow stars. It was designed by Mr. Zeng Liansong and adopted by the First Plenary Session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The big yellow star in the center represents the Communist Party of China and the four smaller ones symbolize the masses the Chinese people surrounding the Communist Party of China. The National Flag was first raised by Cy Chairman Mao Zedong on October 1st 1949, when from Tian’anmen Rostrum, he proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
Since May 1st, 1991, we have the flag-raising ceremony every morning at sunrise when the sun rises above the horizon, and we also have the flag lowering ceremony every day at sunset, During the ceremony, 36 guards of honor hold the ceremony accompanied by the National Anthem played on tape. Only the 1st day in every in every month there 36 Nards of honor with 60 military band guards behind, making up 96 guards altogether, march 13march 138 steps along the north-south axis towards the flagpole with the National Anthem played by the military band. The whole process takes two minutes and seven seconds. The number 96 signifies the territory of China, which has 9. 6 million square kilometers in area. There are also 56 poles in the1alustrade around the base of the National Flag. This has a special meaning because there are 56 nationalities in China and in Beijing.

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