Reform Movement of 1898

Liang QiChao

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Reform Movement of 1898 took place at a time when China was in danger of being partitioned by imperialist powers. Some bourgeois reformists represented by Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao launched the movement for modernization with the support of Emperor Guangxu. They demanded that the Qing Government resist Japanese aggression and reform outdated laws. Emperor Guangxu secretly ordered Yuan Shikai, a warlord, to kill Rong Lu, a close follower of Empress Dowager Cixi. Promising to carry out the mission, YuanShikai reported the matter to the Empress Dowager who considered the movement worse than a catastrophe. She declared that she “would rather 1ose the country than carry out the reform”. This resulted in the arrest and execution of several earnest reformists and the imprisonment of Emperor Guangxu. Thus, the 100-day Reform was nipped in the bud.

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