Soul Tower

Soul Tower

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Soul Tower is a square double-eaved structure towering in front of the tomb mound. The plaque bears the name Dingling, meaning the Tomb of Security.

The whole building is of stone and brick. The four corner stones are made of whole pieces of marble, and the rafters and brackets are carved out of stone and painted with green and blue floral patterns. The tower is beautiful and solemn, strong in structure, with no dam-age from erosion by rain and wind in the past four hundred years.

Inside the tower is a huge stone tablet inscribed in regular script “The Mausoleum of Emperor Shenzong (posthumous title) of the Great Ming.” The top of the tablet has an intertwined dragon design. The base is square, carved with designs of sea waves, mountain cliffs and dragon amidst clouds. The carving is exquisitely done and better than that of other tombs.

The wall surrounding the tomb mound is known as “precious citadel,” about 750 metres in length. Its two ends are connected with the left and right outlets. The wall has indented parapets and is filled with earth. Pines and cypresses grow on the mound, known as the “precious top,” under which lies the Underground Palace.

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