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Beijing decided to expand the Ming Tombs area into a modernized tourist resort while maintaining the ancient relics and historic treasures in the area. This was approved by the municipal government. The project includes renovation of relics, measures to protect the environment, and establishment of parks, hotels, and entertainment centres. In the project, the whole area has been divided into four parts: tombs area, reservoir area, transitional area, and transport.

The 800-metre-long road (the Sacred Road) leading to the Dragon and Phoenix Gate are turned into a stone pavement while cars and buses are replaced by Ming Dynasty-style horse-drawn carriages.

New constructions in the area also include a museum, a golf course, a conservatory, an amusement centre, clubs, swimming pools, camping and picnic areas, fishing wharf by the side of the reservoir, caves, hotels, and Mongolian yurts. An aquarium was built completely of glass.

Other tourist facilities are special regions for skiing, shooting, horse racing and archery. A fountain about 200 metres high has been completed.

To ease the traffic to the area, minibuses are available, the main road has been improved and a highway from the city to the tombs has been built.

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