Exhibition Room Ⅱ

1) Phoenix Crowns

The phoenix crowns were worn by the empresses on big occasions. Here on display is the crown with 12 dragons and 9 phoenixes. The other one has 6 dragons and 3 phoenixes. Each phoenix crown has over 5,000 pearls and more than 150 gems of different colours.

2) Silverware

The silverware unearthed from the tomb was mostly used by the emperor and empresses during their lifetime. They are valuable material for the study of court life in the Ming Dynasty.

3) Silver Ingots

Silver ingots, each weighing 1.9 kilo, were the type of money in use at the time. They were land tax collected from Zhejiang Province.

4) Gold Ingots

These gold ingots uncovered from Dingling weigh 385 grams each, marked with the name of the place they came from, date of collection, name of the official in charge as well as their weight and purity.

5) Jewelry

Over 200 pieces of jewelry were unearthed from the tomb. They are in the shape of plum blossom, lotus flower, poeny, turtle, phoenix, rabbit and butterfly, patterns symbolizing happiness and good luck.

6) Jade Pendants

These jade pendants are made of pearls and small jade pieces, carved into the shape of dragon amidst clouds, tree leaves, fish and cicadas. The jade pieces are linked together by a length of silk thread. They were to hang on both sides of the waist. When the wearer moved, they dangled and sent out clear and pleasing sound.

7) Dressing Articles

Here on display are dressing articles used by the emperors and empresses. The shape and style can still be seen, they had decayed though.

8)Yu Bi (Jade Piece) and Beads

Yu Bi is a round flat piece of jade with a hole at its centre, used by aristocrats for ceremonial purposes in ancient China.

The beads were used by Buddhist monks when they chanted Buddhist sutras. In the Ming Dynasty most of the emperors believed in Buddhism or Taoism. So the beads were also brought to their tombs.

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