Chinese People Anti-Japanese War Museum

Chinese People Anti-Japanese War MuseumLocated near the Lugou (Marco Polo) Bridge in the south western suburb of Beijing, the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War Museum was opened to the public in October 1987. The construction of the museum was begun on July 7, 1986 and was completed in early July1987. Occupying an area of more than 20,000 square metres, the museum has three exhibition halls with pictures, documents and artifacts showing the outbreak of the war, the attacks of Japanese troops against Chinese troops and civilians, the accomplishments of leaders of both the Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomingtang and their troops, and the foreign friends who helped China win the war.

The museum was built with the funds donated by Shanghai and Guangzhou, and Hubei province, as well as financial allocation from the state and Beijing.

The War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression has a very important place in China’s modern history. It marks a significant turning point in the historical development of the Chinese people from decline to vitalization* It was the first time that China won a complete victory over imperialist aggression, and for the first time China participated in a worldwide war against fascism as an important ally and made big contributions to the victory of the war.

A sculpture, “The Awakening Lion”, stands outside the entrance of the museum, symbolizing the spirit of the Chinese nation.

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