Hall of Eternal Blessing

Hall of Eternal Blessing

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The third main hall in the temple is Yongyoudian (Hall of Eternal Blessing. ) It used to be the bedroom for Emperor Yongzheng when he was still a prince, and the place where his coffin was kept before it was moved to the Western Qing Tombs. The present name of the building was given by his son, Emperor Qianlong, to show his eternal blessing. Emperor Qianlong came here frequently to offer sacrifices to his deceased father. Lamas came here to do Buddhist service.

In this building are three big Buddhas carved out of wood. On the left is the Buddha of Pharmacy who is the patron of medicine and cures diseases of all kinds. On the right is the Lion-roaring Buddha who preaches Buddhism and threatens devils and evil spirits with a loud voice that sounds like a lion roaring. In the middle is Buddha Amitayus or the Longevity Buddha, the founder of the legendary paradise. Buddhists believe that if they follow the method used by Amitayus to practise Buddhism they could enjoy long life and peace, and could be permitted to go to the legendary paradise after death. That’s why they al-ways say “Amitayus.”

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