Guangdong Reception Room

Guangdong Reception Room

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Furniture in this room is made of black wood. It is hard and smooth, and in natural colour. To black wood furniture, no paint is ever applied.

This is a piece of ivory carving of 50 centrifugal turning balls one over the other,A piece of ivory carving, 1.5 metres long, showing the Guangzhou Uprising in 1927.A piece of ivory carving, 1.2 metres long, showing the Pearl River embankment.

This screen is also made of black wood. The carving shows the National Peasant Movement Institute, initiated and run by Chairman Mao in the years of 1924 and 1925,These are pieces of gold-plated open-work of box wood.

The porcelain basket is made by Shiwan Pottery and Porcelain Factory in Guangzhou.

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