Greeting Hall

Greeting Hall is where official guests are greeted. Souvenir pictures of the party are usually taken here against the background of this traditional Chinese painting, which is 9 metres long and 6 metres wide.

The theme of the painting is based on a poem by Chairman Mao entitled Snow.  It brings out well the beauty of our motherland, as the caption says Our Land So Fair.

The floor is covered with an enormous Tianjin made carpet, the biggest one in this building. It weighs three tons, 23 metres wide and 16 metres long, A pair of big bodiless lacquer vases stands on two sides. They were made on wooden frames and the frames were removed after the vases were completed. They are products of Fujian Province.

The staircase, totalling 63 steps, is made of white marble. The marble used for building the Great Hall of the People came from Yunnan, Shandong and Hebei provinces.

(The Great Hall of the People was designed by the Beijing Designing Institute. Designers from various provinces and municipalities also took part in designing during the period of construction in 1958, about14,000 people worked round the clock on the site.)

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