10,000-Seat Auditorium

lO,OOO-Seat AuditoriumThe auditorium is used for important occasions such as sessions of the National People’s Congress, the Party Congress and mass political rallies to support the just struggle of the people of other countries. The massive hall is 76 metres in width, 60 metres in length and 32 metres in height, with a balcony and a gallery. There are 3,600 seats on the ground floor 3,500 on the balcony and 2,500 on the gallery. The stage can hold a presidium of 300 to 500 people. The total seating capacity is ten thousand. It is also used for festive celebrations and grand stage shows. The proscenium can be converted into an orchestra pit by removing the floor boards.

The seats on the ground floor are equipped with earphones, through which one can hear a simultaneous translation of a speech in any one of 12 different languages. Every two seats share a loudspeaker and every four seats a microphone for extemporaneous speeches. On the ceiling are 500 star lights with an enormous red star in the centre. Seventy light beams radiate in all directions enclosed by a ring of 40sunflower petals, which in turn is skirted by three layers of hidden lights in the form of expanding waves. This beautiful pattern symbolizes the close unity of the people of the whole country around the Party in their forward march from victory to victory. The ones that have no light are ventilation holes.

The auditorium has three main features: people can evacuate rapidly through its 32 doors; the fan-shape hall provides a good view of the presidium from any angle; the acoustics is very good.

Built-in lighting equipment for filming documentaries is set in a crescent shape facing the stage.

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