Two Brown Lions

Two Brown LionsThere are two bronze lions in front of the Gate of Supreme Harmony; one is male and the other is female. In ancient times, stone, iron or bronze lions were frequently seen in front of the gates as guardians. Even today they arc quite often seen. The bronze lions served as good doorkeepers because of their mighty and awesome looks, and they were p/aced at the gate to ward off the evil spirits.
The male lion was usually positioned on the left, playing with an embroidered design ball, which is said to show the emperor’s supreme power to control the whole universe.
The female lion is on the right, playing with a lion cub with its left paw symbolizing prosperity of the royal family’s off spring the fertility of the imperial family. The baby lion is lying on its back with its mother’s paw in its mouth. The bronze lions were placed inside the imperial complex as a sign of the imperial luxury and power.

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