Palace Museum Preservation

  Palace MuseumPalace Museum, known as the Forbidden City in the Ming and Qing dynasties, is the largest and best preserved ancient structure of its kind in the world. With a total area of 720,000 square metres, of which 150,000 square metres are covered by ancient buildings housing one million priceless antiques. The Palace is of great value for scientific research and as well as for tourism.

  In the Forbidden City, only part of the grand palace is open to the public. Thousands of unopened rooms are used for storage or remain empty. Of the one million antiques and cultural relics, only 70,000 are on show, the rest are still to be sorted out. The Forbidden City has had so many visitors that its main paths have been worn three to ten centimetres thinner and some of the famous “golden bricks” in the halls have been worn down by two centimetres. Unfortunately, the technique of producing these “golden bricks” hasn’t passed down and, according to experts, it is improbable that modern technology can manufacture exactly the same thing.

  Since 1949, the Chinese Government has invested 70 million yuanin the palace, but this has only been enough to pay for part of the renovation work needed, and a large number of buildings and relics are still in a state of disrepair.

  With the development of national economy and the policy of opening to the outside world, the number of visitors has been rising by 10 percent each year during the last few years. In 1985; 10,950,000 people including foreign visitors toured the palace, far exceeding the five-‘million limit considered safe by specialists. In off-season for tourism, the palace receives about 30,000 visitors a day. Effective measures will be worked out to preserve the Forbidden City in the near future.

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