Nine Dragon Screen

Nine Dragon Screen“There is a dragon in the ancient East. The dragon’s name is China.”

  The legendary dragon is the symbol of China. It is said that it could dive deep into the sea and fly high to the sky, marshalling clouds to form rain. Never has anyone seen with his own eyes what this creature looks like, but its image has been described and passed on from generation to generation.

  This Nine-Dragon Screen was erected in 1773,6 metres high and 31 metres long. The dragons romping in the sea are different in colour and posture. A peculiar interest is that a piece of the third dragon from the left is made of wood. The story goes like this: when the Nine-Dragon Screen was completed, a piece of glazed-tile fell and was broken. The following day, the ministers in charge were to come for inspection. That was the deadline. It was impossible to make another piece to match it. The craftsmen couldn’t do anything about it but asked carpenters to make a wooden one to replace it. During the inspection nothing was found wrong on the screen. That is why this piece of the Nine-Dragon Screen is made of wood. There are three nine-dragon screens in China. The other two: one in Beihai Park and the other in Datong, Shanxi Province. Nine was regarded as the symbol of supremacy. The Nine-Dragon Screen was used as a decoration and was supposed to ward off evil spirits.

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