Forbidden City Warehouse

Forbidden City WarehouseIn Forbidden City,there are nearly 1 million antique treasures, which have been stored in the old wooden palace buildings for many years without any means of scientific protection. Before the warehouse was built, the storage space in the Palace was too over-crowded. The State Administration for the Protection of Cultural Relics allocated 16 million yuan (about $3.4 million) in 1986 to improve the museum’s storage facilities. To preserve the appearance of the Forbidden City, the Museum Administration decided to build an underground warehouse. It was completed in early April 1990.

Located in the southwestern part of the Forbidden City, the warehouse consists of one ground floor and three underground floors with 32 rooms totalling 3,000 square metres.

Entering the warehouse, people have to go through a sterilization chamber first. The idea is to protect the fabrics, paintings, records and other perishable relics from destructive bacteria. The warehouse is equipped with advanced systems for controlling temperature, humidity and ventilation. It also has fire and burglar alarms. The whole structure has double walls filled with flood-proof material. If a sensor detects smoke, the fire extinguishers will emit a substance to douse the flames and the ventilators will automatically shut down to cut off the supply of oxygen. The video monitors along the corridors, the invisible alarms and the 15-centimetre thick iron doors make this warehouse a fortress.

It stores some porcelain ware, jade ware, paintings, woven articles, embroideries and precious classical books totalling over 50,000 volumes.

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