When I need to visit Beijing, what is the best time?

If you like ice skating, on ordinary streets and lakes, then by all means come between November and February when the temperature rarely gets above freezing. It also snows about twice a year in Beijing, usually somewhere in December or January and no more than 5 inches for sure.

If you like rain and uncertainty, come in June, July where you can guarantee a few thunderous downpours. If you like ominous, yellow, dust-laden skies and wind to blow you off your feet come in March to June. Ok during this period, there is not a dust storm every day, but you can guarantee one or two at the very least. During this period sand is picked up from the Gobi desert and dumped onto the cars, people and buildings of Beijing.

If no special request, we suggest you come somewhere between Sweltering and Getting cold, which would be late August, early September.

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