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Qingdao tours Qingdao is a picturesque coastal city that lies on the southern tip of China's Shandong Peninsula, located in Jiao Zhou Bay facing the Yellow Sea. Qingdao, with an annual average temperature of 12.2℃, is also a well-known holiday resort in China. Qingdao enjoys coastal weather mild and moist with summer months in the mid- to upper 20s℃(upper 70s to mid-80s º F). January is the coldest month with the temperature hovering around freezing. June and July are the rainy months and August brings warm water temperatures perfect for swimming at the beach. The transitional seasons of spring and fall are very pleasant. An old saying captures the essence of Qingdao City: swimming in the sea, drinking Tsingtao Beer, eating fried clams and climbing Mt. Laoshan.
Qing Dao has many famous attraction such as:
Qingdao toursLao Shan is an important Taoist mountain and is famous as the only sacred mountain in China to reach the sea. It lies in the southwest of the Shan Dong peninsula and the east of Qing Dao municipality. The main peak, named Large Peak or Peak Lao, is over 1100 meters high above sea level. Mt. Lao, with the plain behind and the sea in front, with lofty stones and precipitous peaks, is both majestic and elegant. So the ancients said that the cloud over Mt. Tai was high but inferior to that of Mt. Lao of the eastern sea.
Xiaoqingdao Isle: Whose shape is like an ancient violin, is also called "Vinlin Isle", The isle in the east and in the west face each other across the sea. Germany built the white lighthouse on the isle at the beginning of this century. Its light reflected on the sea makes quite a spectacle at night, so much so that it has become known as "Floating Light of the Isle".
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