Beijing Village Tour

Beijing Village Tour is intent to explore village tours around Beijing offered by Beijing Easy Tour travel agency. If you want to know more about the ancient villages around Beijing, please join our Beijing Village Tour which is able to visit interesting places while escape from the bustling city.
By exploring Beijing Village Tour can make your Beijing travel a perfect one. We recommend the following some Beijing ancient or modern villages around Beijing for your Beijing Village Tour exploring.
Han Cun He modern Village
Once a poor village, Han Cun He has now become one of China model villages. You can find such facilities like park, department store, hotel, swimming pool, cinema, travel agency, post office, hospital and education center there.
Chuandixia ancient village
Chuandixia ancient village, located in the west area of Mengtougou District, is well known for its well preserved over 600 Ming and Qing dynasty-style houses housed by 70 families. These houses are contructed on the side of a hill, surrounded by mountains and forests.
Beijing Easy Tour is a trusted tour agency for your Beijing trip, we are looking for you at any time. Do not hesitate to join us for our Beijing Village Tours. We believe our service and travel routes will make your Beijing holidays a memorable one. Welcome to join us and go on your tours in the early morning.
beijing-village-tour-01 Beijing Chuandixia Village one day tour
Tour code: VillageTour-01
Highlights: Exploring Beijing traditional mountain village and living museum
beijing-village-tour-02 Beijing Modern Village(Han Cun He) One Day Tour
Tour code: VillageTour-02
Highlights: Exploring famous villages of China
beijing-village-tour-03 Beijing Great Wall at Juyongguan-Village One Day Tour
Tour code: VillageTour-03
Highlights: Exploring Juyongguan-Village

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