China Customs

Under a new regulation put into place in 2005, all visitors must fill out a customs declaration form upon entry and departure from China. In Beijing and Shanghai, the forms can be found at counters located just outside the check-in entrance, and must be handed over to a Customs officer before proceeding to check–in.
There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that can be taken into China. 1.5 liters of alcohol over 12 percent proof, 400 cigarettes (or l00 cigars), unlimited film and medicines for personal use may be taken in free of duty. The carriage of fresh food produce into China is prohibited by health and quarantine ‘regulations. When buying antiques one must remember that only items made after the reign of the Jiaqing Emperor (1820) may legally be exported and all must bear a red wax seal affixed by the Bureau of Cultural Relics. Receipts for large purchases such as legitimate antiques and gold products should be kept in case inspection is required on departure.

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