China Air Ticketing and Taxes

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China’s air ticket market is somewhat competitive, but is not fully subject to market conditions. Occasionally, government directives will decrease or increase the amount of discount that can be offered on tickets, and price wars break out quickly in times of relative deregulation. A 20 percent discount off the listed fare is usually possible. Look for travel agency advertisements in English-language publications such as that’s Beijing, that’s Shanghai, and City Weekend. Also, look for international airline special offers by subscribing to the Beijing and Shanghai newsletters of
Tickets purchased in China are generally not subject to the restrictions of those bought outside the country. Although buying a ticket at the airport generally means paying full fare, airfares in China do not increase or decrease based upon advanced purchase. They are far more flexible than the non-refundable, non-changeable ‘tickets that are now the norm of international air travel.
Safety on Chinese airlines has improved dramatically over the past 20 years. Once considered unsafe during the early 1980s, China’s air fleet is now one of the newest in the world. You’re more likely to be on a new Airbus or Boeing aircraft when flying with a Chinese airline than with a US-based carrier. Although service sometimes still lags behind its Asian competitors, such as Singapore Airlines, Dragon Air and Cathay Pacific Airways, Chinese airlines are often a low-cost alternative flying the same routes as their foreign counterparts. Air China should not be confused with China Airlines, a Taiwan- based carrier that has been involved with several serious accidents in recent years.
The airport departure tax is now included as part of your air ticket payment. No separate payment is necessary.

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