Beijing Travel Tips

Beijing is a friendly place and Beijing people are cosmopolitan and well aware of the world outside. Sometimes you will get stared at, but this is usually out of curiosity. Hostility toward foreigners is very rare. Most people are friendly and willing to help out if possible.
Beijing is a pretty safe place, and you can enjoy a pleasant and secure time here. Indeed, as a foreigner, you will often be given special consideration and a certain amount of leniency. Of course, you have to abide by the law and respect the culture and customs, but in general you don't need to be afraid of our capital city.
The following is the difference time in different city all over the world, hope it will offer you some help for your Beijing Travel.
Beijing Time 12:00
Irkoutsk 12:00 Paris 5:00 Nairobi 7:00
Ulan 12:00 Geneva 5:00 Dar-es-salaam 7:00
Manila 12:00 Rome 5:00 Teheran 7:00
Pingyang 13:00 Vienna 5:00 Karachi 9:00
Osaka 13:00 Stockholm 5:00 Bombay 9:00
Tokyo 13:00 Belgrade 5:00 New Delhi 9:00
Melbourne 14:00 Warsaw 5:00 Colombo 9:00
Sun Francisco 20:00 Algires 5:00 Dacca 10:00
Washington DC 23:00 Bucharest 6:00 Rangoon 10:00
New York 13:00 Cario 6:00 Bangkok 11:00
Lima 13:00 Ankara 6:00 Phnom Penh 11:00
Santiago 14:00 Damascus 6:00 Hanoi 11:00
Buenos Aires 1:00 Moscow 7:00 Singapore 11:00
London 4:00 Baghdad 7:00
Accra 5:00 Addis Ababa 7:00
If you are coming to Beijing for sightseeing, you should obtain a tourist visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country. It is more convenient for tourists booked through Chinese travel agencies to get group visas for their visit to Beijing.
Tourist visas are usually good for two months, but can be extended for an extra month at the Foreigners Section of the public Security Bureau in each big city in China. If you want to continue traveling in China for more than three months, you will have to leave the country, get a new visa, and come back.
It is not too much trouble to go to Hong Kong and apply for a new visa. You can get a new one in two or three days. (Even though Hong Kong is now officially part of China, going there still counts as leaving the country.). For a little more money you can get a six-month visa from the China Travel Service in Hong Kong.
It is wise to carry your passport with you at all times, as you need it to register in hotels, buy plane tickets and change money. If you lose your passport, you should report immediately to your embassy, as well as tell the public Security Bureau.
Foreigners Section of the Public Security Bureau in Beijing
Add:2, Ankingmen Street
Visa inquires: 84020101
Accommodations for Beijing Travel Tips
Stay at the hotels in Beijing
When you check into your hotel, you will need to show your passport and fill out a temporary residence form. Usually foreigners can only stay in hotels that are three-star and above, or any hotels, mansion or hostels which have the licensed permits to take foreign tourists.

Stay at your Chinese friends or relatives' homes
If you have Chinese friends or relatives living here, and you want to stay with them, that is OK too. But you should register at the local public Security Bureau and let them know you are there, you can also register with the local Housing Committee Ju Wei Hui (there is one in every residential area.). This way will bring less cost and more pleasure for your Beijing Trip. When you stay in Beijing, Gathering with friends will make your trip wonderful.
Although, it may sound a little troublesome, having to register with the police or te Housing Committee, but it is better to let them know than for them to find out themselves. If you don't register, it could present problems for you or the people you are staying with.

Cheap accomodations in Beijing
Beijing hostels are the best way to go for budget lodging in Beijing. Ask to see a hostel room before you pay and choose a dorm (several bunks in one room) for the cheapest Beijing lodging. Expect to pay less money for a Beijing hostel bunk. This is also a better way to save you some money.
The three ways you can choose as you like, each way will have no effect on your Beijing Tours, so take it easy and go on a wonderful trip in Beijing.
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