Water Resources of Beijing

Plenty of underground water resources of Beijing have been found in northeastern Beijing, which may ease the city’s water shortages. The survey group sank a well in Zhongqiao Village, Pinggu District in April 2001 and found plenty of high quality groundwater. The groundwater in Pinggu District is expected to be able to provide the city’s urban areas with more than 100million cubic metres of water a year. The average groundwater supply in Pinggu District is more than 200’million cubic metres per year.

Since the district’s yearly water consumption is only 100 million cubic metres, the extra groundwater supply flows to nearby Hebei Province through an under-ground percolation system and underground rivers. The survey group plans to drill 20 wells in the district to help establish a new groundwater base for urban areas of Beijing. The plan will be submitted to the local government for approval. After years of investigation, the survey group has drown a map of water resources in Beijing and has discovered that abundant groundwater resources are held in store in certain areas including Pinggu District and Fangshan District in southwestern Beijing. The city relies heavily on its groundwater supply, which accounts for 80 per cent of the city’s total water supply each year. The remaining 20 percent of the water supply comes from the Miyun and Guanting reservoirs.

The city consumes 4billion cubic metres of water per year. The city has suffered from serious drought over the past two years. The concept of saving water has been introduced in the city along with the wide use of water-saving taps and the implementation of a wastewater discharge fee. Chinese cities have been calculated to suffer total annual water shortages of 6 billion cubic metres. And China’s per capita water resources are less than one-fourth of the world ‘ s average.

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