Population of Beijing

Beijing is a metropolis with a huge population. Especially since 1949, the population of Beijing has grown rapidly. According to the fifth national census carried out in 2000, Beijing has 13.8 million ‘permanent residents with transients of more than 3 million a year. But, according to the sampling survey in 2005, Beijing has 15.36 million permanent residents with transients of more than 3.57 million a year. Among the permanent residents, 12.84 million are city and town residents while the rest (2.52 million) are rural people.
Beijing is the third largest city in C1xy in China, next to Chongqing (30.9 million) Shanghai (16.74 million) Along with Chongqing, Shanghai and Tianjin, Beijing is one of the four municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of the central government.
He increasing population has become a problem for the city’s development. In 1978 a policy of birth control was carried out after serious consideration by government. Now the family planning principle of “one family, one child” has become a basic national policy in China.

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