Beijing Medical University

Beijing Medical UniversityBeijing Medical University, one of the oldest medical schools in China, was founded in 1912, when it was named the Capital Medical School. Later it was merged with other schools of liberal arts and sciences to form Beijing University. Before 1949, there were only three departments: the Department of Medicine with a small sized hospital of 134 beds; the Department of Dentistry and the Department of Pharmacy. More than l, 000 students graduated over a period of nearly 40 years, and many of them are now well-known scientists and professors across the country.
In 1952, it became an independent college and rapidly grew into one of the leading medical colleges in China. At present, there are five departments:
Basic Medical Science, Medicine, Public Health, Oral Medicine and Pharmacy, and a senior nurse school. Students come from all parts of the country and are well selected. In the last 5 decades after 1949, more than 16, 000 graduates have left the college to serve in health care centres of different levels. The teaching staff now consists of 470 professors and associate professors, 950 lecturers and attending doctors as well as 700 assistants, a as against 138 teachers and doctors before 1950. There are nearly 500 students, including 90 from foreign countries, mostly from the third world, as well as 550 postgraduates. To meet the needs of medical care and the training of medical and health personnel, Beijing Medical college has established 4 affiliated hospitals (2, 000 beds), and one teaching hospital (600 beds), covering all major medical services.
Beijing Medical University is one of the most famous Beijing University.

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