Beijing Language and Culture University

Beijing Language and Culture UniversityBeijing Language and Culture University founded in 1962 as the Higher Preparatory School for Foreign Students, the school was renamed Beijing Language Institute in 1964 by order of the late Premier Zhou Enlai. In June 1996, with the approval of the State Education Commission, the school was designated as Beijing Language and Culture University. Beijing Language and Culture University specializes in teaching foreign students Chinese language and culture and it is the only one of its kind. The school received its new name on September 10 in a ceremony to mark Teachers’ Day. From 1962 t0 1995 the University made remarkable achievements, turning out 40, 000 foreign students from 150 countries and regions. Beijing Language and Culture University is reforming its programmes in an attempt to improve teaching standards, scientific research and efficient school management. The changes are designed to improve the University’ s overall strength and create a hub for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and popularizing Chinese culture by the year of 2000. It also tries to expand the education of Chinese and Chinese culture, and to improve overseas co-operation. Today, about 4, 000 international students and l, 000 Chinese are enrolled each year in the University, which is nicknamed the “mini-United Nations.”
Beijing Language and Culture University is a famous Beijing University for language study.

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