Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing Foreign Studies UniversityBeijing Foreign Studies University established in 1941, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) celebrated its 60 anniversary on September 22, 2001, is known as home and abroad as the“Cradle of Diplomats.” The University is one of the key foreign studies universities of China, large numbers of foreign languages taught, and many international links. It also serves as a national base for research in foreign language teaching and international studies. Beijing Foreign Studies University provides a wide range of education programs in foreign languages studies, including advanced training of professional translators and interpreters. In 1996, the University became a member of the state-sponsored 211 Programme, which comprises 100 major universities in China that will receive special support for development in the new century. There are now more than 60, 000 graduates from’ the University, working in all parts of the world, active in fields such as foreign affairs, economics and trade, finance, media, education and academia. Among the graduates of the University are 230 Chinese ambassadors and over 400 counselors to foreign countries. Most of the interpreters for the state leaders are also graduates of the BFSU. Almost all the translators and simultaneous interpreters from China working for the United Nations are graduates of the University.
Known for its quality and achievements in foreign languages, the University continues to make new explorations and is transforming itself into a comprehensive university with multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary education for different levels in order to meet the challenges of China’ s reform and opening-up and its fast economic development. The University has a long tradition of academic research and has established a number of research Centre for Foreign Language Education, a key national research centre in social sciences and humanities. As a leading university in foreign language studies, the University has a very strong faculty, with members in different fields of studies with diversified educational backgrounds and of proper mix of academic and age stratification. The University has been actively engaged in extensive, comprehensive and in-depth international exchanges co-operation. The University receives many delegations and visitors from foreign countries including government officials, diplomats, education specialists and other social activists. World leaders including former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, former Australian Prime Minister Robert Hawke and Swedish Prime Minister Goran “Pearson” have visited the University. Meanwhile, professors and researchers from over- seas are also invited to lecture at the university. It has invited 2, 600 people from overseas up to the present. The University is carrying out reforms on its eight schools, nine departments and 12 research centres to ensure that its graduates have multiple skills as well as languages. The university as regular educational exchanges with more than 1600 universities and colleges in 45 countries and regions in the world.
Beijing Foreign Studies University is a very famous Beijing University.
At present, more than 270 universities and colleges offering foreign language programmes.

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