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Jiaotong University Beijing Jiaotong University

Beijing Jiaotong University, located at Xizhimenwai of Beijing, is a national key university of China, directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education.
Beijing Jiaotong University is one of the first universities authorized by the central government to enroll overseas students. So far, we have trained over 2,600 foreign students and visiting scholars from as many as 40 countries and regions including Asia, Africa, Europe, America and etc. we have successively established cooperative relations with over 40 universities in America, Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Russia, Canada, Korea, Ukraine, Singapore and etc, and cooperate with Siemens, Alstom, Intel, Cisco and other internationally famous Hi-tech corporations. Furthermore, we have employed over 1,000 famous experts and professors from 20 countries and regions to visit and teach in our university, and about 30 renowned scholars take the posts of honorary professors and advisory professors, and in turn, we have sent about 500 teachers and students to attend in advanced studies abroad.
Over the past hundred years, after arduous efforts and struggles of generations, BJTU has developed into a multidisciplinary key university, featuring Engineering, Management, Economics, Science and Humanities. Meanwhile, BJTU university is a key base for training talents tackling vital problems concerning technologies and policies in reforming and modernizing the railway. For the past several years, more progress has been made in the university. The campus is taking on an ever-changing new look, the education quality and level of scientific research are improving steadily, academic exchanges are more frequent and in all, the comprehensive ability of the university is on a constant rise.
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