Beijing Universities

There are many Universities in Beijing. The most famous will be Tsinghua University and Peking University. The Beijing Universities accepted more and more students year by year.

Tsinghua University is China's top universities, Directly managed under the Ministry of Education. Tsinghua University was belonging to first "211" in China. Tsinghua is not only China's most outstanding universities, but also in Asia and the world's most important universities.

Peking UniversityPeking University, referred to as Peking University, founded in 1898, is a national university in modern China, which was recognized as China's top universities, but also in Asia and the world's most important universities. In the modern history of China, Beijing is China's "New Culture Movement" and "May 4 Movement" and the center of the birthplace of sport as well as a variety of political thought and social ideals in the first spread to China, "China's political barometer". Peking University enjoys high reputation and importance.
Chinese name: Beijing Da Xue Area: Beijing, China
English name: Peking University (PKU) World ranking: 14 (2006)
Abbreviations: Peking University School Address: 5 Summer Palace Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Founder time: July 3, 1898 Postal Code: 100871
Category: Public Universities
Current president: Zhou Qifeng Previously: Imperial College, National Peking University
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