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Traffic Control Centre Beijing

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A computerized traffic control system designed for the central part of Beijing went into operation on March 19th, 1988 in the Beijing Traffic Control Centre which was built in late 1987 and is expected to increase traffic efficiency in the downtown business ‘area by about 20per cent.

Beijing Urban Traffic Control System (BUTCS), serving all 53 major intersections within the Second Ring Road, is based on pre-defined and stored signal programmes. These can be adjusted so that traffic lights are timed to co-ordinate the flow of vehicles with minimum delay. A cooperation project with the Iskra Company of Yu-goslavia, the system allows groups of vehicles to enter the 45-square-kilometre control area at one end and leave it at the other without too many stops.

A main computer control centre, through three zone control centres, monitors the signal lights at 53 intersections and adjusts its control programmes according to the information from traffic volume detectors. Since many pedestrian-crossings are equipped with signal lights, the system is expected to make street-crossing safer. Pedestrians will have more time to cross because of longer intervals between red and green lights.

Bicycle signals are part of the signal switches at some intersections. A green light for cyclists switches off a few seconds before the motor traffic green light to allow enough time for a safe crossing. The new traffic control system is another step forward in the city’s efforts to modernize its road traffic facilities. In November 1987, Beijing setup a traffic control system that put 39 intersections in the eastern part of the city under automatic management according to changing traffic flow.

The Beijing Municipal Government plans to establish similar advanced traffic control systems in other parts of the city in the next few years. Nowadays, the city has an advanced traffic information net-work, including telecommunications, signals, office management and treatment of traffic violation.

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