Suzhou Cuisine

The unique cuisine of Suzhou emphasizes fresh vegetables and fresh water fish, and is noted for being low in fat. Each course is individually prepared and the emphasis is on the use of quality ingredients, tender meat, fresh vegetables and care in preparation. The result is a selection of fabulous dishes that are unique in color, aroma, shape and taste. Suzhou cuisine is often sweet to taste and beautifully presented.The dishes of the Suzhou cuisine are sweet in taste while the soups are clear, but not thin. Some of the famous dishes of the Suzhou cuisine include braised duck in soy sauce and the steamed squirrel mandarin fish. We’ll recommend some authentic Suzhou Restaurants in Beijing for you.
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The original Songhelou was in Suzhou, where it specialized in the delicate, tender,slightly sweet cuisine of the city, which was particularly favored by the Emperor Qianlong. Recommended in the Beijing restaurant are dishes typical of the Suzhou area-squirrel-shaped mandarin fish, beggar’s chicken, turtle with white sauce, Tailback greens soup, and winter mushrooms with bamboo shoots. Songhelous banquet rooms are modelled on the original Suzhou restaurant.

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