Sichuan Restaurant in Beijing

Sichuan food is famous for its hot spicy “Tongue Numbing” dishes. Their uniquely hot, pungent flavor is created by a mixture of spices and condiments, including red hot peppers, garlic and ginger in the ingredients. Its food styles are demonstrated by these famous dishes:
Ma Po Tofu is bean curd served with very hot chili mince meat, Sautéed Pork Slices with Hot Peppers, Fish Head in Bean Curd Soup, Fish Flavored Eggplant , Steamed Yellow Croaker , Boiled Cabbage, Crystal Shrimps, Shrimps on Rice Crust, Fish-Flavored Pork, Steamed Beef with Ground Rice and so on.

mapo tofu Sichuan Dishes

Gongwangfu Sichuan Restaurant
Add: 14A LiuyinJie. Tel. 6615 6925
Gongwangfu Sichuan Restaurant is a elegant restaurant in attractive traditional old buildings, with dining rooms arranged round a series of courtyards, has moved from Rongxian Hutong to Liuyin Jie.But the food still has good reputation in Beijing for the hot spicy cuisine of this large southwestern province.A1l of the many specialities here are worth trying. The smoked duck,spiced beancurd, and braised eggplant are specially recommended. Some of the finer dishes are not spicy.
Rong Yuan
Add: 2/F Grand Hotel,35 Dong Chang,anJie.Tel.6513 7788
Sichuan-style restaurant located in a luxury hotel, offer all kinds of Sichuan Food.
Li Li Dou Hua Restaurant
27 Maquan, Guangqumenwai. Tel. 6771 2672, 6771 8392
This three-storey restaurant has a rather original character; in the upstairs dining rooms, women in traditional Sichuan costumes serve you while men in black tunics steadily refill your teacup. All of this Lakes place in charmingly decorated privace dining rooms. The menu offers all of Sichuan’s best known dishes, such as gongbao chicken, spicy doufu, and noodles in dandan sauce. For the unacquainted, this restaurant is a wonderful introduction to authentic Sichuan cooking.
Xi He Ya Ju Restaurant
Add: Northeast corner of Ritan Park. Tel. 8561 1915, 8561 7643
Popular and reasonably priced restaurant located at the northeast corner of Ritan Park serving Sichuan and Cantonese dishes.
The Source
Add: 14 Banchang Hutong, Nan Luoguxiang, Kuanjie, Dongcheng District (next to Lv Song Hotel) Tel: 6400 3736
Dining at this traditional siheyuan restaurant, with its hundred-year-old old date tree in the middle of the courtyard, is a pleasant and peaceful experience. The Source offers a set meal consisting of several appetizers and hot dishes, all chosen by the chef: the menu is never the same. The floor tiles in the main building arc the same as those found in some old European churches in China.
Yuxiang Renjia
Add: 5th Floor, Lian He Daxia (Union Building), 20 Chaiwai Dajie, Chaoyang District Tel: 6588 3841.
Yuxiang Renjia provides excellent Sichuanese food.

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