Shanxi Restaurant in Beijing

Shanxi province, located at the middle-west part of China, is famous for their wheat food, such as noodles and stuffed steamed bread. Shanxi people are good at making noodles. It is said that there are hundreds of different noodles in Shanxi and each of them with a unique flavor, and everyone can cook delicious noodled.

Shanxi Dish Shanxi Noodle

Jinyang Fanzhuang
Add: 241 Zhushikou Dajie. Tel. 6303 1669
This interesting restaurant in the southern section of the city was the residence of jiXiaolan (1724-1805), a scholar official of the Qing dynasty The finest rooms in the house now serve as impressive dining rooms. The kitchens specialize in the cuisine of Shanxi, one of the earliest centers of Chinese civilization. This is the perfect setting to cry the delicious crisp duck of the province-to some Western palates preferable to the rich Beijing duck.

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