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Peking Duck Beijing Rost duck

A Beijing duck banquet may consist of far more than the serving of the crisp skin and meat of the tender bird, accompanied by pancakes, sesame buns, scallions and chick brown fermented sauce. Cold duck dishes-which may include meat in aspic, shredded webs, and sliced liver-arc usually served first, followed by fried duck hearts, liver and gizzards, and the delicious duck soup which comes at the very end of the meal.
Most visitors to Beijing want to try the famous duck dinner and, as a result, the branches of the official Quanjude Duck Restaurant tend to turn out rather routine meals. Opinions vary on the best place to sample Beijing duck, but many would favor the branch off Wangfujing, known locally as the ‘Sick Duck’ because of its proximally co the Capital Hospital. Other restaurants are Bianyifang, as known as the ‘Small Duck’, the ‘Old Duck’ and the ‘Big Duck’ (a modern four-storey building that can seat about 2,000 people at one time).
Xiao Wang’s
Add: N0 2 Building, Guanghuadongli, Chaoyang District. Tel:6591 3255
Xiao Wang’s, restaurants which serve duck in addition to standard Chinese fare, are also very popular in Beijing both amongst the Chinese and foreign communities. The staff is extremely friendly and the menu bilingual while the food is good and reasonably priced. There are several branches including one in Guanghua Dongli. 4 Gongti Dongle, Chaoyang District (50m east of The City hotel). Tel: 6592 8777
‘Sick Duck’(Quanjude Kaoya Dian) 13 Shuaifuyuan. Tel. 6525 3310
‘Small Duck’ (Bianyifang Kaoya Dian) 2A Chongwenmenwai Dajie. Tel. 6712 0505
‘Old Duck’ (Qianmen Kaoya Dian) 32 Qianmen Dajie. Tel. 6511 218
‘Big Duck’(Quanjude, Heping branch Kaoya Dian)Qianmen Xidajie. Tel. 6301 8833
Liqun Kaoya Dian
Add: 11 Beixianfeng, Zhengyi Lu. Tel: 6705 5578
Liqun Kaoya Dian is situated in a small courtyard house in a hutong in the old part of Qianmen. Owner Zhang Liqun gained his duck experience working at Quanjude. Eating at Liqun is like dining in the home of a Beijing friend.

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