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Beijing is a city inhabited by many ethnic groups in China including over 200,000 Muslims. With a long history and unique flavor, Muslim food in Beijing is a very important part of Beijing’s culinary culture.  More and more people from the Muslim world abroad coming to Beijing for sightseeing, visiting, traveling , so more and more Muslim restaurants is built, the special tastes fascinate gourmets from around the world.

Muslim Dishes Chinese Muslim Dishes

Add: 2A Houguaibang Hutong Chaoyangmennei Dajie, Dongcheng District Tel. 6525 1071
Cafe-bar atmosphere with short interludes of ethnic music and dancing. Variety of Xinjiang dishes from bilingual menu are tasty but not as authentic-or reasonable-as better fare in出c spit-and-sawdust eateries of Xinjiang Village. Try kao yang routui (roast mutton leg) or a whole roast lamb for about US$100. Finish with baisi baishu (caramel dipped sweet potato). Drink sweet and fortified wines or Tsingtao beer. Lively but smoky.
Add: Zhanlanguanlu, Xicheng District. Tel. 6899 4561
Hongbinlou is a  long-established Moslem restaurant, serving no pork, has been open for nearly a century, and continues to specialize in some of Beijing’s favorite dishes-Beijing duck, Mongolian hotpot, and pieces of Iamb barbecued on skewers-but its wide menu includes many other famous dishes well worth trying, such as sliced sauteed eel and chicken breasts in red sauce.

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