Shandong is simplified as Lu in Chinese and Shandong cuisine is also called Lu Cai, one of the 8 Culinary Traditions of China. The major components of Lucai is Jiaozhou Cuisine, Jinan Cuisine from inland, and Kongfu Cuisine. Shandong cuisine is set around the Shandong cooking skills for so long, to be developed into integrated Characteristics flavor around, After a long period of the history evolved.  You can find a Shandong-style Restaurant in any where of Beijing.

Lucai Shandong cuisine

Add: 58 Wangfujing. Tel. 6513 4970
A popular and long established restaurant serving Shandong-style food. Among its specialties is ‘peak flower rice’-crispy-rice over which is poured, in front of you at the table, a sweet and sour prawn sauce, so that it hisses and pops and must beaten quickly before the rice turns soggy
Add: 36 Qianmen Dajie. tel. 6702 1555
Centuries old institutio that serves famous shaomai, or steamed dumplings, and Shandong cuisine.
Garden of the Horn of Plenty (Fengzeyuan)
Add: Liujiawan, Yongdingmenwai. Tel. 6761 1336
One of Beijing’s most famous eating houses, the Fengzeyuan is celebrated for its Shandong food. The cuisine of this coastal province south of Beijing includes some excellent fish dishes. Particularly well known here are the sea cucumber, soup with cuttle-fish eggs, and braised fish with a rich brown sauce. The restaurant enjoys a high reputation, and banquets here are invariably good.
Add: 17B Yuetan Nanjie, Sanlihe. Tel. 6852 2917
A Shandong-style restaurant with private dining rooms off a small courtyard in the northwestern part of the city. Seafood specialties include sea cucumber, ‘squirrelfish’ in sweet sauce, jumbo prawns in various styles, and crab and eel in season.Steamed white bread rolls are popular here and their dessert is famous throughout Beijing    Three no sticks’-an elusively flavored but delicious custard, made from egg yolks and corn flour with an extraordinary texture-whence its name comes_’won’t  stick to your plate, won’t stick to your chopsticks and won’t stick to your palate’.

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