Cantonese Cuisine

All four and. five-star hotels normally boast a good Cantonese restaurant run by Hong Kong chefs. In addition, the following restaurants can be highlighted.

Cantonese cuisine Cantonese cuisine Sea Food

Hong Kong Food City
Add: 18 Dong’anmen Dajie, Wangfujing. Tel. 6513 6668
Perhaps the most popular upmarket Cantonese restaurant in Beijing, the joint venture Hongkong Food City offers a wide selection of fresh seafood prepared by chefs from Hong Kong. Branches have been opened in Huangzhuang, Haidian and on Dong Sanhuan Beilu in the Chaoyang district.
Tsui Heng Village Rescaurant
Add: Overseas Chinese Village, 24.Jianguomenwai Dajie. Tel. 6515 8833
A joint venture with the Hong Kong Mirimar catering group, the Tsui Heng Village is one of the finest CanLonese restaurants in Beijing, with a large dining area and numerous private rooms for luxurious banquets. Prices equivalent to upscale Hong Kong restaurants.
Lao Hanzi
Add: Shichahai East Bank. Tel.  6404 2259
This rustic restaurant specializes in the hearty dishes of China’s Hakka, or Guest, People. The second floor has nice views of Houhai, the Rear Lake. Try their fish wrapped in foil and the traditional Hakka favorite, fatty pork cooked with pickled vegetables, medical kourou.

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