Beijing Restaurants

Chinese cuisine is renowned all over the world for its appearance, aroma, and flavour. Its unique style of preparation, cooking and presentation can be traced to the beginnings of Chinese history more than 5, 000 years ago. As the capital of China for Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties (1115 1911), Beijing developed its own unique cuisine incorporating the best features of different regional styles. Beijing cuisine reached its present form in the imperial kitchens of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Chinese food in Beijing greatly reflects the eating habits of the ruling class who built their capital city here. Yuan Dynasty rulers came from Mongolia. They were very fond of lamb, especially lamb hot pot. Mongolian hot pot is therefore extremely popular in Beijing. Even nowadays, Beijing people have lamb hot pot almost every week. Among the most famous dishes or styles which found their way from the imperial court to public restaurants are Court Cuisine, Beijing Roast Duck, Tan Cuisine, Mongolian Hot Pot, and Barbecued Meat.

I am going to recommend some restaurant where you can eat authentic Chinese food, give you Beijing Restaurants Guide.

Beijing Rost DuckDonglaishun

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