Beijing Emergency Medical Centre

Beijing Emergency Medical CentreLocated at West Qianmen Street, Beijing Emergency Medical Centre is one of the finest of the modernized emergency medical centres in China, and is unique. It was established by the cooperative efforts of the Chinese and Italian governments. At present, it provides prehospital rescue service and shares scientific research and teaching in the field of emergency medicine.

The aim of the centre is to implement timely, effective, and well-organized rescue activities and to provide high-quality, high-level emergency medical care to seriously sick persons, making full use of advanced facilities and modern emergency medical techniques, ensured by correct and decisive direction.

The centre undertakes rescue operations involved in urgent cases and extraordinary accidents and disasters in terms of direction, coordination, statistics, and analyses. It also undertakes to deliver first aid on the spot, to transport patients and to offer medical monitoring enroute. It shares teaching responsibility in the field of emergenc3tmedicine, disseminating popular knowledge of emergency medicine, and encouraging medical services at three levels of city, district and grass-roots in the conduct of basic and clinical research.

The centre occupies a seven-storey building, with parts ten storeys high, and with a central air-conditioning system built in. The centre has a floor space of 12,000 square metres. An observation tow-er and a helicopter platform are on the roof. A modern garage accommodating 40 ambulances with a vehicle control lobby, well-equipped intensive care units, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a hemodialysis u-nit, a CT unit, an angiocardiography room, an X-ray room, an EEG room, an ECG and UCG room, a blood bank, a pharmacy, a medical laboratory, a computer room, operation rooms, information office, research room and a modern communication office are provided for specialized use.

Construction of the center started in April 1985 and was completed on March 31st, 1987. And it was put into operation on April lst, 1988. A national number for emergency call is 120.

In addition to the Beijing centre, there are 7 other emergency medical stations in the city.

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