Yanqing County

As the northern gate of the capital , Yanqing County is located in the northwest of Beijing and 74 kms from the urban area of Beijing. It is between 115°44′ and 116°34′ East Longitude , 40°16′ and 40°47′ North Latitude.

Covering a total area of l,980 square kilometers, Yanqing county is divided into 25 townships with a population of 270, 000. The county is mountainous with many rivers passing through it. The county features apples, shrimps, haws, chestnuts and apricot kernels.

Located at the Temperate Zone and middle Temperate Zone, Yanqing County enjoys a continental monsoon climate. The yearly mean temperature is 8 degrees centigrade.The temperature in the hottest months is 0.8 degree centigrade less than that in Chengde of Hebei province. Therefore, it is the famous summer resort and has the name of ” Summer City “.

Yanqing County has many famous Beijing Attractions, such as Badaling Great Wall, Kangxi Grassland, Ancient Cliff House, Longqing Gorge……….

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