Xicheng District

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Xicheng District is located immediately west of the Forbidden City. Some of the most extensive of Beijings old Hutong are found in this sector. But along with this rapidly disappearing piece of China’s history, the district also contains what many consider to be the most beautiful lakes in the city: Beihai Lake, once admired by Marco Polo, and Xihai, Houhai, and Qianhai, known as the “Back Lakes.” The lakes are near some lovely old temples and the lavish grounds of Prince Gong’s Mansion. During the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Xicheng comprised the western half of the capital. It was home to the emperor’s palace, the main commercial district, and was the final stop on the Grand Canal.

As the central area in the capital of the People’s Republic of China(PRC), Xicheng district reflects Beijing’s position of national political centre and cultural centre, and embodies Beijing’s characteristics as a world renowned historical and cultural city and a famous ancient capital in the world. Xicheng district is the administration area of national party and government institutions.

Xicheng district is also a residential area with beautiful environment and perfect services. With the pace of demolishing ramshackle houses and constructing infrastructures quickened, Xicheng district environment has been enhanced, and the functional service of communities as well as the living condition of residents in Xicheng district further improved.

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