Shunyi District

Covering a total area of 980 square kilometers, Shunyi District is divided into one one town, 28 townships with a-population of 540, 000. It is 30 kilometres from Dongzhimen. Within its boundary is plain, with crops growing in the fields and it is named“granary of the Capital.”
Shunyi District has a long history: in Spring and Autumn Annals (770-476 BC) and Warring States (476-221 BC), it belonged to the State of Yan; in the Han Dynasty, it was called Yuyang Shire; in the Tang Dynasty, it was called Shun Zhou; at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, it was renamed as Shunyi County. After the founding of the New China, it belonged to Tongzhou Prefecture of Hebei Province, and was put under Beijing City in March 1958.In March 1998,with the official approval by State Council, Shunyi County was changed into a district of Beijing.
Looking on the future,Shunyi District is faced with many historic opportunities for its development. The start-up of a group of key projects of Beijing, such as the strategy of “Two Axes, Two Belts, and Several Centers”, the expansion of Capital International Airport, the construction of the Olympic arena in Shunyi, the construction of Beijing Auto Production Base, the overall engineering of the Chaobai River, and so on, has infused new great impetuses for the frog-leaping development of economy and society of the whole district, and opened a brand-new page for the development of Shunyi. Closely around the strategic target of “going all out to build up an affluent society in every aspects, build up the green international port, and take the lead in realizing modernization”, Shunyi’s people are working hard to carry into execution the four major strategies of “strengthening the district through industrialization, promoting the development of the district through the Olympics, re-energizing the district through science and education, and stabilizing the district through environment build-up”, making great efforts to construct a new mechanism described as “unified planning and coordinated development”, speeding up the process of information-oriented revolution, industrialization, urbanization, modernization in material circulation, and agricultural industrialization, further deepening reforms in every respect, further opening to the outside world, trying to achieve harmonious growth between urban and rural, among all sub-regions, between economy and society, and between human and nature, so as to build Shunyi into a modern urban area with a highly flourishing economy, a stable social order, an agreeable and beautiful environment, and a rich life of the people.

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