Pinggu District

Covering a total area of l, 075 square kilometers, Pinggu District is divided into 21 townships with a population of 380, 000. Most of the area is occupied by mountains. Its mountain products include walnuts, chestnuts and apricot kernel. Within its boundary it is rich in natural resources, and gold ranks first in the outskirts of Beijing.
In Pinggu District, there are municipal scenic spots like Jinhai Lake, Grand Canyou, Grand Solution Cave and seenic spots like Hudong Water, Flying Dragon Valley, Stone-like Forestry Gorge, Old Elephant peak, as well as the human culture ruins and historic sites like Shangzhai ancient human cultural ruins, Xuanyuan temple for the first ancestor of Chinese nation, Liujiahe tomb ruins of Shang dynasty, Great Wall of Jiangjun pass, Yaji Mountain first mountain in the east of Beijing, Qingdong Tomb, Huangya Pass and other scenic spots.

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