Miyun County

Occupying an area of 2, 335.6 square kilometers, Miyun County is divided into 2 towns and 22 townships with a population of 420, 000, It is 75 kilometres from the city centre. Built in 1958, Miyun County Reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in North China. Within its boundary it is plenty of mountain products (such as haws, chestnuts and walnuts).
New airport attracts tourists Villagers of the Hedouyu Village in Eastern Beijing’s Pinggu District pooled 3. 5 million yuan (US$422, 705) recently and established an airport near the famous Jingdong (east of Beijing) Great Karst Cave. Approved by related authorities, the airport, along with a Chinese-made 12-person Yun-5-B aircraft, will be used- to start air tourism in the area. Each air tour will take 10 minutes. Formed l. 5 billion years ago, the cave had long been known as a major tourist attraction of the district.
In the east and west of Miyun respectively lies Yunmengshan Mountain with the height of 1414 meters, which is the highest among middle mountains in North China, and Wulingshan Mountain of 2118 meters, the main peak of Yanshan Mountain. In this area, there are a number of famous scenic spots such as Heilong Pool, the First Peking Waterfall, Yunmengshan National Forest Park, Dragon Pool and Yunxiu Valley, which are clustered together with dense vegetation and plentiful peculiar rocks. These beautiful scenic sites are people’s best choice for relaxation and traveling.
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