Mentougou District

Occupying an area of l, 331.3 square kilometers, Mentougou District is divided into 18 townships and 5 neighbourhood committees with a population of 270,000. Mentougou district is a mountainous area with more than one hundred peaks, ,. And mountainous area occupies 96 per cent of the total area of the district. It is rich in coal, limestone, and granite; Its local products include rose, day lily, twigs of the chaste tree (used for weaving baskets, etc. ), wild jujube, mushrooms, and Beijing white pear.
The Precinct was purely a rural region well into early 1990s and was not considered as part of Beijing by the urban population, and as of today, many sections of the precinct remain rural. The 6th Ring Road cuts through the eastern, more urbanised section of Mentougou Precinct.
Mining is dominant industry activities in this precinct, and up to around 10 middle to big size mining companies were found in Mentougou, but now some of them go to bankrupt since the resources are going to run out. The first mining activity was documented around Ming Dynasty.

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