Fangshan District

Fangshan, one of the four ‘satellite cities’ of Beijing, is a town of architecture, mineral resources, trees and fruits as well as tourism spots in suburban Beijing.
Fangshan District encompassing l,866. 7 square kilometers, it is divided int0 3 towns, 29 townships and one neighbourhood committee with a population of 760, 000. Its mountainous area makes up 60 per cent. With many rivers, the district is 45 kilometres away from the city centre. Famous for places of historic interests, the district produces snow-white marble, chestnuts, persimmons, Beijing white pearl and hongxiao pear. Within its boundary, there are some large-scale enterprises.
Both industry and agriculture are well developed in Fangshan. Over 2300 enterprises owned by the district, townships or villages have been set up and form a complete industrial system in a variety of trades, with different grades and many kinds of products. Yanshan Petrochemical Group, one of the largest state-owned enterprises in China, is located in Fangshan District. Agriculture has developed from traditional growing and planting to integrated and full development in forestry, livestock and fishery. The building industry has become the backbone of the district, with annual building area reaching 6 million square meters.
Fangshan Districts have many famous sightseeing, Shidu, Hancunhe Scenic Area, Shihua Cave, Silver Fox Cave, Yunju Temple and so on.

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