Dongcheng District Beijing

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Dongcheng District: In Ming and Qing Dynasty, it was located in the eastern half of the inner city, and most regions of it were inside Dong zhimen. In 1958, when the govenment estabalished the districts, it was named “Dongcheng District”;
Dongcheng District located on the eastern side of Beijing, southwest to Chaoyang District, north to Chongwen District, east to Xicheng District. Dongcheng District is the heart of Beijing; the cultural, political and commercial center of the city,Dongcheng district has a variety of tourist attractions:
Historical Sites: Ancient Observatory, Bell and Drum Towers, Forbidden City, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) City Wall Site, Temple of Earth, Tiananmen Square
Hutongs and Courtyards: Guoxiang Hutong, Ma Huitang Garden, Mao’er Hutong, Shijin Garden, Keyuan Garden, Yu’er Hutong
Old Residences of Famous Chinese People: Mao Zedong’s Old Residence,  Sun Yat-sen’s Old Residence,  Lao She’s Old Residence,  Mao Dun’s Old Residence
Temples: Songzhu and Zhizhu Temple, Temple of Confucius, Tongjiao Temple, Dongsi Mosque, Zhihua Temple

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