Chongwen District

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Chongwen District: Located in the eastern half of outer city, outside the zone of Chong Wenmen.In 1952, when the govenment estabalished the districts, it was named “Chongwen District”;

Chongwen district covers an area of 16.46 square kilometers, located southeast to the city center and situated between Yongdingmen and Qianmen. Chongwen district is the smallest of the four districts of the old Beijing city. Chongwen district is relatively close to the National Palace Museum and Tiananmen Square, while the district itself includes Tian Tan Park (photo), one of Beijing’s most famous spots, and Long Tan Park.
Since long ago the district has been known as a “town of crafts”, most notably for inlay, bone carving and cloisonne.
Chongwen’s economy is based largely on trade and services, and the district includes some of Beijing’s leading shopping areas, such as Qianmen, Chongwai and Huashi. The total area of the district is 16.46, which makes it a little larger than Meguro City (14.70

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