Changping District

Covering an area of l, 430 square kilometers, Changping District is divided into one district, 3 towns and 26 townships, one state-run farm, one special tourist zone with a population of 430, 000. It is 34 kilometres from the city centre. Changping is renowned for tourist scenic zone with numerous scenic spots and tourist facilities. Within its boundary it is rich in natural resources, mineral products, and rural products.
The urban area of Changping has an area measured from the Google Earth image of 16 square kilometers and an estimated population of 130,000. Other major urban areas are Nankou (70,000) and Yangfang (40,000).
Beijing Changping local government has chosen a five kilometer area in it Nankou Town as Tourism Development Zone in which lots of scenic spots have been developed. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful area and hiking or visit museums and amusement parks. There are also a golf course and a shooting range. The Changping Town is not a fancy area, but its central location makes it as a good point in travelling the north of Beijing. You can go to Changping by driving along the Beijing-Changping Expressway. If you don’t have a car, you may take the Bus 919/920 from Deshengmen.
Changping District has many famous Beijing Attractions, such as : Juyongguan Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tianchi Scenic Area.

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