Beijing Districts

After the liberation of Beijing, Administrative Division has experienced five adjusts.Until 1961 it becomes the present face of 16 districts and 2 towns. To 2007, there are 134 street offices, 142 towns, 41 rural establishments, 2,554 community neighborhood committees and 3,955 village committees in Beijing. Among them, Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chongwen District and Xuanwu District , Which are located in the Second Ring Road, are the traditional inner cities. But as the city's expansion, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, and Shijingshan Area are also considered the city regions, forming the "Eight Urban" concept with the former four districts. The planning scope of Beijing urban is within the Fifth Ring Road of Beijing. Recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization process, several suburban counties have been changed to be zones. Because of the political and curtual center position, the position of industry is relocated gradually. Beijing Districts is one of the important consistence for Beijing Travel Guide

This is the present condition of population and area of different districts in Beijing.

Beijing Core Function Area

Dongcheng District Xicheng District Chongwen District Xuanwu District

Function Developing Areas of Beijing

Haidian District Chaoyang District Fengtai District Shijingshan District

New Developing Areas of Beijing

Tongzhou Area Shunyi Area Fangshan Area
Daxing District Changping District

Ecological Conservation Development Area of Beijing

Pinggu Huairou District Mentougou Area
Yanqing County Miyun County

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