Beijing Climate

Beijing Climate is a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate. The spring and autumn is relatively short when compared with the duration of summer and winter. The annual temperature is around 11.8 degree Celsius, January can be considered as the coldest month in Beijing for average temperature at -4.6 degree Celsius, while July will be the hottest month for your Beijing tour.

The following is the last days and the season period of normal Beijing status,which will give your some instructions for your Beijing Trip.

Beijing Climate

Beijing Spring generally falls within April and May. Usually the spring will last about 70 days, which is a wonderful season to go on a tour in Beijing. Spring is very short in Beijing, increase and decrease of temperature in a sudden is very common during this season. Normally when you haven’t decided to take off your winter clothes, the summer is already waiting for you around the corner. One of the headaches during spring in Beijing is the occurrence of dust storm. Anyway, the temperature in May is still considered very comfortable and is suitable for outdoor activities such as picnics and hiking. So choose this time for your Beijing Tour will be a best choice, also it will make your trip in Beijing a pleasant one.

Although the duration of summer is not too long in Beijing, the hotness during this season will definitely run out all your patience. The temperature will be extremely high especially in the afternoon of day with no wind blow.

Beijing Autumn is the shortest season among the whole year, only about 50 days. But this season is the best season to visit Beijing, the temperature is not high and not low, so this is the best date for your Beijing Tour. Autumn will dress Beijing up with beautiful red dresses and thus become the best period in traveling Beijing. When autumn arrives, the leaves of the trees will begin to become yellowish and reddish. Especially in the November, the Xiangshan (Fragrance Hill) in Beijing will turns to be a reddish hill and therefore attract many tourists from locals and foreigners to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

In Winter, Beijing Tour will not be the best period for your Beijing Travel. So this time is not an ideal place for a visit on Beijing and scenery should not be your first requirements if you choose to Beijing travel in winter. But the celebrations of Chinese festivals as well as a delicious steamboat should be able to make your Beijing trip special and fantastic. Chinese Festival equals to Christmas and New Year, Which also will make your Beijing stay a memorable one.

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